Ken Stanley is an American artist based in Kansas City, Missouri.  In 2014  Stanley received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Missouri, Columbia. Stanley has exhibited work in the United States and abroad, most notably hosting Exodus Art Expo in Melbourne Australia; An arts and music festival benefiting charity.  In 2018 Stanley and his wife McKenzie opened Driftwood Ceramics LLC in North Kansas City, Missouri, teaching art classes and offering studio space to other local artists.  Stanley was awarded his first solo show at the Seven1Five Gallery in Kansas City, Missouri in the summer of 2019.  


"I'm most drawn to the moments that happen when industry and nature meet.  Whether it's spot where weeds break through the cracks of a driveway, or a hanging tree limb breaking apart the composition of the skyline.  By painting I try to investigate this tessellation of organic and geometric forms and find the similarities that parallel our own identity against the backdrop of an ancient world."